Winter Home Efficiency: Heat conservation

Efficiency is not just for refrigerators and washing machines. Looking at a home’s cumulative efficiency is something our team takes into consideration during a build. In the midst of the coldest part of the year, ensure your home is operating at maximum efficiency with these tips for heat conservation.

Monitoring and maximizing your home’s efficiency has several benefits. In addition to saving on utility bills, it also lessens your home’s carbon footprint, making things better for the environment. It improves the longevity and sustainability of your home by way of windows, doors, pipes, and your heating system. And, it brings you peace of mind knowing that you have a safe, efficiently run home tucked away in the mountains.

Secure Your Seals

Sub-zero temperatures make it all too easy to find the areas in your home where seals are weak. Check all windows, doors, and cracks for cool air and address these as soon as possible; you are letting cool air in and your heat out.

Adjust to the Draft

If you have a particularly drafty window or room in your home, consider covering the window or door. A window insulator kit is a great temporary solution to get you through the winter. You may also consider keeping curtains closed or shutting the door to that room to further insulate the rest of your home.

Follow the Sun

Utilize the sun’s heat to your advantage. Open all the blinds or curtains on all East-facing windows in the morning and all West-facing in the evening, capturing the sun’s natural warmth. Strategically opening and closing your window coverings can help circulate additional heat in your home.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Professionals know best and we have some high-quality companies that tend to the homes at The Divide. Having your heating system, including your furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps, checked on a regular basis helps ensure that things are running efficiently. Remember to replace filters monthly or as often as needed and when in doubt, bring in the professionals.

Fireplace Efficiency

Many of the homes at The Divide offer authentic, wood-burning fireplaces and our residents love to fire them up in the winter. When doing so, make sure that the flue vent is cleared out and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure proper safety and ventilation. When not using your fireplace, keep the damper securely closed, and if you know you will not use the fireplace for an extended period of time, plug and seal the chimney.

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