Rustic & Modern Décor to Compliment Creekside Treetop Village Homes

As new, incredible homes are completed in Creekside Treetop Village, it’s fun to imagine new homeowners making these incredible properties their own. As maintenance-free sanctuaries in the mountain valley, these modern mountain homes offer something completely new for The Divide at Bald Rock.


Each of these unique properties boasts maintained common ground and private amenities of hiking trails, pavilions, and outdoor fire pits for community gatherings. These homes provide homeowners a true mountain escape without leaving behind the comforts of luxury city living. 


These new homes’ amenities check off all the boxes. With cutting-edge design, they offer efficient, sleek mountain style but with elements of a traditional and welcoming mountain chalet. 


As new homeowners take ownership, here are some tips on how to outfit the space to complement the unique exterior and tranquil surroundings. 


Combine Industrial Elements with Warm Wooden Touches

When selecting furniture, gravitate towards pieces that combine both industrial metal accents and warm wood finishes. 


Bring the Outside In

While Creekside Treetop Village homes offer an abundance of natural light and large windows allowing the natural surroundings in, amplify the natural beauty! Bring in your favorite houseplants, whether real or fake, to add more greenery to your indoor living. 


Get Creative with Art 

The modern, cutting-edge design of these homes offers up the chance to incorporate more daring pieces of art than you may normally gravitate towards. Both modern and traditional pieces could find their home throughout the halls and high ceilings. Pull from the mix of metal, wood, and stone on the exterior and incorporate mixed media art from one of our fantastic local artisans. 


No matter how homeowners choose to make one of these homes’ interior’s unique, the natural surroundings offer an intimate experience with the natural surroundings and beautiful Hogback Creek. 

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