Feng Shui for the Mountains

Mountains are a very powerful symbol of Feng Shui. They provide a strong support and backing, standing as an anchor to prevent you from being swept up in bad luck. They are an image of protection. There are certain ways to pull Mountain imagery into your house to further the spread of good Feng Shui.


In order to bring mountain Feng Shui into your bedroom, you need to have a solid wall behind your bed and headboard. Solid backing behind your head as you sleep represents the support of the mountain. The direction your head points as you sleep is not as important as having a sturdy foundation.


Much like the bedroom, you need to have solid backing behind you. You should incorporate a high-backed office chair into your desk space. This is the same idea as having the support of the mountain behind you. Not to mention, it’s much more comfortable to have back support while working at your desk rather than sitting on a stool all day.


The best solution is to have the back of your house facing a mountain or have a slight rise at the rear of your home. However, if that’s not an option for you, adding a stone wall to your backyard can simulate mountain support. In addition, tall buildings behind your house can be a modern symbol of mountain Feng Shui.

Mountain Imagery

To bring more overall support into your life, incorporate mountain imagery around your house. Wherever you see fit, add an image of a mountain. This will bring a sense of ease and optimism into your daily life. Adding a mountain picture behind you in your office space can also represent career support.

Mountains symbolize support, strength, wealth and resources. Whether this is a real mountain or an image of a mountain, it will give support in Feng Shui. Adding this to your home can provide extra positivity and support throughout your life.

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